What do your holiday plans say about you?

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What do your holiday plans say about YOU? Travel expert says glampers are ‘humble braggers’, Vegas is for ‘men having a mid-life crisis’ and cruises are a ‘grown-up school trip for lazy people’

For some, it’s all about fun with a capital F – shopping, sunbathing and dancing til dawn – and then sharing it all on socials to ensure friends back home can enjoy a healthy dollop of FOMO. 

For others, travel is always a learning experience, a chance to delve deep into other cultures. And then there’s those who prefer not to wander too far from home…and stay in a budget hotel when they do.  

The holidays you choose can apparently tell someone whether you’re a traveller with style and panache, or someone who cares more about what your followers on the Gram think. 

Double bed, wood-burning stove, luxury bathroom products? Glamping is a way of pretending you love camping, without actually having to rough it, suggests Travel expert Rob Debenham (stock image)

FEMAIL asked travel expert Rob Debenham, who has run Destinations, the UK’s largest holiday and travel show, for more than a decade, to offer a tongue-in-cheek guide to exactly what the ‘vacays’ you choose might say about you… 

GLAMPING: ‘A wealthy person’s way of dodging actual camping’

Glamping could well be the equivalent of the humble brag. It can cost the same price as a luxury hotel in peak season, but suggests you’re down-to-earth and love connecting with nature (as long as there’s a wood-burner, comfy bed and roll-top bath involved). 

Our waspish expert says that if you’re picking a glamping holiday, you’re probably a middle-class urbanite who ‘owns more than 15 bags-for-life and likes vegan shoes’.  

‘Think people who loved Enid Blyton as children and probably have a family chateaux in Provence. A wealthy person’s way of dodging an actual camping holiday,’ he said.  

Going birdwatching? At one with nature equals a crashing bore, according to our holiday expert (stock image)

DUBAI: ‘Vacuous is probably the word’

The Middle Eastern enclave, abrim with five-star hotels, has long since been a favourite with Premiership footballers, TV stars and, in the last couple of years, social media influencers. 

Sin City might sound exciting but is it just a hub for middle-aged men making up for lost time? (stock image)

The appeal? If mega malls stuffed with designer stores, beautiful beaches and shimmering five-star hotels are your thing, then they’re almost everywhere you turn. 

‘Vacuous’ is probably the word that sums it all up, according to Rob. 

A trip to Cornwall is a surefire way to cement your middle class credentials, but has 'no real adventure' (stock image)

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