We lost 45 stone in a year… and shed the conditions that were plaguing our lives

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We lost 45 stone in a year… and shed the conditions that were plaguing our lives: From depression and back pain to asthma and snoring, how dramatic weight loss can change far more than just appearance

For those of us feeling bloated after three days of overdoing it, their stories, as reported by Lucy Laing, will prove inspiring… 

Elizabeth Hills, 35, a hairdresser, lives in Midhurst, West Sussex, with husband James, 45, who repairs construction equipment, and their children Finley, 13, and Charlotte, 11.

Height: 5 ft 2 in

On this diet I’d have a shake, a bar and soup, then a 200-calorie dinner. I lost 4 st in five months. My mood started to improve within the first two weeks

Weight: 13 st 12 lb

Weight after: 9 st 12 lb

Before, pictured, I'd have no breakfast then plough my way through large chocolate bars and crisps and in the evening I'd have huge portions of lasagne or shepherd's pie

Weight lost: 4 st

BMI before: 35.9 

BMI after: 25

I have arthritis in the facet joints of my spine; one joint has already disintegrated and two more are bulging. I used to be on the highest dose of the painkiller gabapentin that I could take

Recently, Finley gave me a hug and said: ‘We have got Mum back.’ 

It was wonderful to hear. I have been fighting depression for years, and after I lost weight, I felt like a different person. I’ve come off my antidepressants after taking them on and off for seven years.

By the time I was 32 I couldn't even run a few steps before my chest would start heaving and I would be gasping for breath

The spur to make me diet came in May this year after I went shopping for a dress and discovered I’d gone from a size 12/14 to a size 16.

I didn’t want to get it in a bigger size as I was too embarrassed. I knew I had put on weight during lockdown just by comfort eating, but I hadn’t realised how much.

I had a band around the top portion of the stomach to reduce food consumption. I lost weight quickly over the next 18 months, getting down to 8 st 7 lb, but then I had problems with acid reflux and choking on my food — this can happen if the band is too tight

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