Virginia Giuffre 'is set to give victim impact statement' at sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell

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Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Giuffre ‘is set to give victim impact statement’ at sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking as insiders claim Buckingham Palace ‘sleepwalked’ into crisis

The British socialite was this week convicted of multiple counts of child sex trafficking for her billionaire paedophile boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein.

Although a number of accusers did not give evidence at the trial, the women will instead be given the chance to make a statement to Judge Alison Nathan, according to the Telegraph.

One of them is said to be Ms Giuffre – known before her marriage as Virginia Roberts – who alleges having sex with Andrew three times in 2001, at a time when she was a teenager and under the control of Epstein. The Prince has denied the claims.

Senior royal insiders said the duke operated with 'impunity' as a member of the Royal Family because staff were 'too scared' to stand up to him. Pictured: Prince Andrew

Victim impact statements are testimonies presented to the court which outline the effects of an offender’s actions. 

While guidelines and reports are what are primarily used to determine the length of sentence, a judge should also consider victim impact statements.

Virginia Giuffre - the woman who claims she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew when she was 17 - could be set to give a victim impact statement to a New York judge for the sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell

Sigrid McCawley, who represents Ms Giuffre, told the paper: ‘At the sentencing, I anticipate that there will be a lot of testimony from many, many other women who were not able to be heard at the trial, who will come forward and bring information about their suffering at the hands of Ghislaine Maxwell.

‘I believe this will be considered by the court before Judge Nathan renders her decision on the length of time Ghislaine will serve behind bars.’ 

It comes amid claims that Buckingham Palace ‘sleepwalked’ into the Prince Andrew crisis and has been paralysed with indecision over to how to handle things.

The prince was seen in public yesterday for the first time since his friend, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, was convicted of multiple counts of child sex trafficking for her boyfriend Epstein, driving himself to Windsor Castle. Pictured: Prince Andrew and Maxwell in 2000 at Ascot

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