Unvaccinated Arizona couple married for 44 years both die of COVID just two days apart

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Unvaccinated Arizona couple married for 44 years both die of COVID just two days apart after catching the virus just before Thanksgiving, with their devastated adult children now urging others to take virus seriously

Bob and Sue Walker of Phoenix, Arizona, tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before Thanksgiving, according to their children Jonathan 42, and twins Stephanie and Charissa, 40. 

Sue tested positive while she was visiting a hospital for what she thought was a COPD flare-up, CNN reported. Bob took an at-home test shortly after. 

On November 30, Sue passed away. Two days later, on December 2, Bob died too, both were unvaccinated and died on separate floors of the hospital. 

‘It just happened very quickly,’ Charissa told CNN.  

‘They were truly, truly a couple, you know. I mean, nothing could come in between them,’ Stephanie Walker told CNN. ‘And, unfortunately, Covid took them both within 46 hours of each other.’  

Bob and Sue Walter had been married for 44 years before dying from COVID-19 just two days apart

The couple, who called each other ‘mate’ and ‘matey’ and had been married for 44 years, both had health issues. Bob recently had his foot amputated due to complications from diabetes and had kidney problems, according to their son Jonathan. Sue had COPD, which can cause airflow blockage and breathing problems.  

Jonathan also said their father had to be placed on a ventilator and was in the ICU, but Sue had appeared to be getting better and was able to move around and had even asked for Taco Bell. 

The siblings said they arranged a FaceTime call between the whole family, so that their parents could see how they each other were doing. 

Their children, twins Stephanie (left) and Charissa (right), 40, and Jonathan, 42, are now advocating for others to take the virus seriously

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