Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew's hilarious response to Novak Djokovic's visa being cancelled

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Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew’s BRUTAL response to Novak Djokovic’s visa being cancelled – a day after she condemned the decision to grant him an exemption for the Australian Open

The Serbian ace, 34, was detained at Melbourne Airport overnight in a guarded room and grilled by Border Force officials until 5am after landing in Australia about 11pm on Wednesday.

Despite being granted an exemption from the vaccine mandate allowing him to play at the Australian Open, Djokovic’s visa was cancelled and he is due to be deported from Australia later on Thursday.

Bartholomew, who previously criticised the decision to grant Djokovic a vaccine exemption, couldn’t resist mocking him on Twitter on Wednesday morning after learning of his visa being cancelled. 

‘I look forward to the video for Border Force,’ she wrote, referring to the Channel Seven show Border Security: Australia’s Front Line. 

The program follows customs and immigration officials as they defend Australia against undeclared seafood, improperly packaged peanuts and dodgy travellers.  

Bartholomew’s post came a day after she blasted the decision to grant Djokovic a rare medical exemption at the Australian Open. 

The presenter, who is an outspoken advocate for vaccination, said on Wednesday she understands why so many Australians are upset by the decision. 

Djokovic (pictured with wife Jelena in February 2019) is believed to have been issued an exemption on the grounds that he was infected with coronavirus in the past six months

‘I think for so many people, particularly in Victoria, it’s the culmination of all of the frustration that we’ve been feeling not just for two years, but particularly over the last couple of weeks with all the delays in testing and not being able to see family,’ she said.

Outrage: Edwina (pictured) has condemned the decision to grant Novak Djokovic an exemption from Covid vaccine requirements at the Australian Open

She also pointed out that exemptions from Covid rules are extremely hard to come by for ordinary Australians.

‘[There are] people who have not been able to get medical exemptions for their own families to see people who are dying!’ she said. 

Djokovic was caught up in a late night visa bungle as he touched down in Melbourne about 11pm on Wednesday night

On Thursday, it was confirmed that Djokovic‘s visa has been cancelled and that the athlete will be deported back to Serbia unless he successfully fights it in court. 

His team is understood to have applied for a type of visa that does not allow medical exemptions for the unvaccinated.

The world No.1 and prominent Covid vaccine sceptic now faces a difficult legal fight to stay in the country and keep his Australian Open title fight alive

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