ROYAL UPDATE: Kate's family lends their support, the Queen returns to the party circuit

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ROYAL UPDATE: Harry’s relationship with Charles hits an ‘all-time low’, Kate’s family steps in for support and the Queen returns to the party circuit

The holidays are almost upon us, and for the royal family that means festive caroling, adorable Christmas cards featuring princes and princesses, and the Queen's return to the party circuit ¿ but this year not all is so merry and bright. Harry's relationship with his father is reportedly at an 'all-time low' after the Los-Angeles based prince threw Charles under the bus in an effort to distance himself from a scandal with a Saudi billionaire, and Wills opened up about an on-the-job trauma that still lives with him today. Here's everything you need to know...
A ROYAL HOT POTATO: Prince Charles is still dealing with the fallout of his ties with the Saudi billionaire at the center of a 'cash for honors' scandal that saw his closest aide step down, but Harry has deftly sidestepped the scandal. Harry allegedly met the man at the center of the debacle ¿ Dr Bin Mahfouz ¿ repeatedly, opening the door for access to Prince Charles. Mahfouz was eventually given a knighthood and residency in exchange for a donation to the Prince Foundation. Harry now says he rang alarm bells about Mahfouz early on, leading Daily Mail columnist Rebecca English to say the Los Angeles-based prince has effectively thrown his own father under the bus. Pictured: Harry with Mahfouz in 2013.
HARRY GIVES JOB ADVICE: Harry seems invested in distancing himself from his family's problems ¿ and in making a name for himself in his new home in the US. The prince struck a nerve this week when he advised people who feel 'stuck in jobs that don't bring them joy' to quit and said leaving work was something to be 'celebrated', nearly two years after his departure from the Royal Family.

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