Repeat child rapists to be sent to penal colonies in the ARCTIC for life under proposals in Russia

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Repeat child rapists will be sent to penal colonies in the ARCTIC for life under new proposals in Russia following horrific kidnap, rape and murder of girl, five

Monsters who sexually abuse children should serve their sentences in hard labour penal colonies in the Arctic, where they could be forced to work in Siberian mines, the country’s parliamentary speaker said.

The new legislation is being pushed through after a horrific case this week of a girl, five, who was abducted by a recidivist paedophile and his lover, then raped and stabbed to death.

Veronika Nikolayeva had been playing near her mother’s workplace in Kostroma, and a video showed how she was snatched before being abused.

Parliamentary speaker Vyacheslav Volodin (pictured) said child rapists 'cannot be called human' as he called for new law to send repeat offenders to the Arctic for life

The helpless girl ‘struggled and fought back’ but passersby did not pay attention to her distress – and the men took her to their hostel.

Her corpse was later found in a duffle bag as the suspects, named Denis Gerasimov, 44, and Vadim Belyakov, 24, planned to dispose of her body.

Distressing footage shows the moment two men in Russia snatched a five-year-old girl and carried her through the snow and past unaware members of the public

Both men confessed on video to her murder.

Parliamentary speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, a close ally of Vladimir Putin, said the ‘terrible tragedy’ of Veronika’s abuse and death showed the urgency of toughening laws.

‘One of the detained men turned out to be a formerly convicted paedophile,’ he said.

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