Prince Charles visits Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth

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Cheerful Charles! Prince of Wales is all smiles as he poses for a selfie before the passing out parade at Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth

The Prince of Wales put on an animated display as he met with officers of the Britannia Royal Naval College, even gamely stopping to take a selfie with one of them.

The heir to the throne, 73 who is Admiral of the Fleet, presided over the Lord High Admiral’s Divisions at the College in Dartmouth today, and attended the passing out parade. 

He wore naval uniform for the occasion and delivered a speech to the attending officers.

An officer of the Saudi Arabia Navy takes a selfie with the Prince of Wales, 73, Admiral of the Fleet, as he presides over the Lord High Admiral's Divisions at Britannia Royal Naval College, in Dartmouth today

The Prince of Wales also presented deserving officers who stood out with special merit this year with the Queen’s Sword. 

Charles was welcomed at the event by Captain Roger Readwin, Commander of the BRNC, and the Parade Commander, Commander Will Peters.

After his arrival, he was led to the Parade ground, before reviewing the officers and delivering his address.

He specially honoured the students who were top of their class this year. 

As part of the ceremony, he presented the Queen’s sword to Sub Lieutenant Thomas Handley, who won the Officers Association Prize.

The Prince of Wales saluted the officers. He looked poised and solemn during the official event, but later let his hair down while chatting with the officers

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