PM says Britons have 10 million unfilled fillings after people skipped dentist during lockdown

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England has 10MILLION ‘unfilled fillings’, Boris Johnson tells MPs as dentists warn 30million appointments were ‘lost’ during Covid

Justifying his decision to stick to Plan B at Prime Minister’s Questions, he referenced the dental crisis.

He said it ‘goes to show why it is so important to keep this country going and to keep people going to the dentists’. 

Some 30million dentist appointments were missed in the first year of the pandemic in England, dentists estimate. Many only offered emergency appointments in a bid to quell the spread of the virus. 

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions today, he said it was important to avoid Covid restrictions as Britons didn't see the dentist during lockdown, leading to millions of people suffering from tooth decay

The British Dental Association argued the figure equates to around 70 per cent of all appointments being missed.

Health campaigners say the crisis could be particularly devastating for children and lead to diseases like mouth cancer being missed.

Labour MP for Stockport Navendu Mishra told the House that a mental health support worker constituent was forced to go to the emergency dentist three times for the same tooth because she was unable to get a routine appointment.

Mr Navendu said the lack of dentist appointments amounted to a ‘national scandal’.

Mr Johnson said the case ‘goes to show why it is so important to keep this country going and to keep people going to the dentists’.

He said: ‘One of the troubles we’ve had during lockdown are people haven’t been going – 10million unfilled fillings, I’m told Mr Speaker.

‘And that’s why we’re putting record investment into dentistry, into the NHS, £36billion for all their caterwauling Mr Speaker, they opposed that investment.’

Fillings are used to repair a hole in a tooth that is caused by decay. 

The queue of people waiting for dental treatment is on top of the nearly six million people in England on the waiting list for routine hospital treatment, with experts warning it will take years to catch up on missed care during the pandemic.

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