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Married At First Sight’s Michael Goonan admits he and KC Osborne are DATING

by kemmy

Michael Goonan has finally confirmed he and KC Osborne are dating during a live interview on radio station Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev & Byron.

Michael admitted he and KC are an item after weeks of rumours about the pair. And he admitted they started dating after he split from ex wife Stacey Hampton.

He was asked on the radio show who was the better kisser out of KC and Stacey, to which Michael laughed coyly and says ‘Good question. It’s just different, isn’t it?’

He didn’t admit anything after being asked as he didn’t want to leak any spoiler about the show and he said ‘I’m the only one from MAFS who hasn’t gone rogue on Instagram or called out production. I signed the contract,’

After Michael was further probed from the radio hosts who were determined to get an answer by asking if ‘the first wife’ was better than ‘the second girlfriend’.

To which Michael replied ‘No, the second one,’ therefore confirming his romance with KC.

When asked if he was staying in Melbourne currently, Michael replied that his partner was staying with him, again refusing to mention KC’s name.

Goonan also revealed that he and KC had moved in together after the covid 19 pandemic isolation which has seen a lot of people self isolating at home.

When the radio hosts told Goonan that he and KC made a good couple, he smiled and admitted he was ‘punching’ above his weight, whilst also admitting that its been challenging keeping the relationship a secret because of people with cameras on their phones.

KC was originally paired with musician Drew Brauer on Married At First Sight. But the pair have split since the show ended.

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