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Man climbed 19 story building during fire to look for his mother

by kemmy

Chopper six captured these stunning images of a man climbing down a high-rise building in West Philadelphia last night that building was on fire at the time the man apparently thought this was the only way to help save his mother who was inside he said climbing the only way he could get to her.

Action News reported Jermaine says this was the only decision that he had he could only go up these 15 floors because the door was blocked he had to climb and that’s what he was going to do if it meant reaching his mom the only part of the news quote was me coming down I actually climbed up because they saying she was trapped last night smoke filled the 19 storey high-rise at 4445 Holden Street as people rushed out of the building.

Jermaine got a call from his sister their mom who is immobile couldn’t make it out of her apartment on the 15th floor Jemaine rushed over and first attempted the front door blocked by police ‘they said they was like the other babies not working I’m like no problem I take the steps I just want to go make sure my mother my mother’s sick she be ready so I need to get up there’

Earlier that day the 35 year old fell and cracked his hip on a set of stairs when he saw that his mom was in need adrenaline took over he resorted to climbing the fenced-in balconies with wire cutters in hand ‘every ledge it was I when I grabbed the gate at the top of the gate it was a ledge and then it was I can step on the ledge and then reach out to the other gate and then keep trying on my way up’

Finally Jermaine reached his mom on the 15th floor balcony who assured him the fire was contained and she was okay was ‘she was more shocked she she really not she she don’t be surprised at things I do that she know I go over and beyond for her’

So back down he went expecting a quick arrest once on the ground but an understanding officer let him go ‘so he actually did come me a break because he understands the circumstances he knew you know you know when you’re dreaming they’re pumping your mom up there you think is she died in you do anything you can’

As for those expert climbing skills ‘we used the kids we used to jump roofs and glad I had to practice’ and good news his mom made it out safely everyone made it out safely here after this apartment fire seven people were treated for smoke inhalation.

I asked her man did you ever want to be a firefighter he said he did put in his resume once but he never heard anything back I think that climb more impressive than any paper resume.

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