Lisa Wilkinson LOSES IT as Novak Djokovic arrives in Australia

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Lisa Wilkinson UNLEASHES on Novak Djokovic over vaccine exemption row and says he’s ‘lacking grace’ – just hours before he was detained at Melbourne airport

‘I think everyone knows someone who’s really suffered through Covid, if not many, many, many people,’ Wilkinson said on Wednesday.

‘We know people who’ve lost loved ones, who weren’t there to say goodbye to them.

‘And in the end, people are just sick of superstars being given special treatment. And that’s the category this has fallen into.

‘And it probably didn’t help, Novak, that you were lacking a bit of grace in your announcement of the whole thing. It was all a bit, ‘Let’s go!’

Wilkinson’s co-hosts on Channel 10’s The Project wondered whether Djokovic had a legitimate reason after he was granted an exemption to compete at the Australian Open on medical grounds come January 17.

The Project host Lisa Wilkinson (pictured) has unleashed on tennis superstar Novak Djokovic accusing him of lacking grace after he was announced he was flying to Australia to compete in the Open at Melbourne Park - despite not declaring his vaccination status

‘One of the reasons, as I understand it, is that you can get an exemption under ATAGI rules if you’ve had Covid within the last six months,’ co-host Hamish McDonald explained.

Peter Helliar added: ‘He did pull out of a tournament in Indianapolis not that long ago, I think.’

Djokovic previously contracted Covid in June 2020 shortly after he hosted a number of players in an exhibition tournament in south-east Europe.

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