Warning that internet hackers can take over your computer remotely

by kemmy

Warning has just been issued about a large scale internet scam that lets hackers take over your computer after ythey have tricked you into entering an eight-digit code.

On Wednesday morning, NSW Police announced that people need to be careful about calls from these scammers that pretend to be internet providers.

These scammers will say your internet has been corrupted and will then ask you to enter a code ‘EVENTVWR’ which they will claim will fix the issue.

However Event Viewer is a windows computer tool that shows comprehensive information about crucial events such as erros, warnings etc on a computer.

The police have advised entering that code will enable the scammer to access your information remotely.

They will then be given the ability to install softwares that are malicious on your device or steal personal information and financial details from your computer.

If you receive such calls where the person claims they are a support agent, just hang up the phone, the police have advised. And if you have entered the code, you need to disconnect the remote session immediately.

Over $7.2 million has been stolen from Australians this year alone by scammers, The ACCC has reported. And these funds were stolen by gaining access to people’s computers.

Police have also advised that people should report this internet scam to the ACCC Scamwatch website

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