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India’s PM Modi issues WARNING to China after Ladakh border clash

by kemmy

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says his country is hurt and angry following Monday’s border clash with Chinese troops in which at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed. Each side blames the other for the violence, the deadliest clash in the disputed Himalayan border region in four decades.

The Prime Minister has warned he’s given the Indian Army free rein to respond to any new aggression from China. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says no territory was lost in the incident and warned of his military’s capabilities XM Hall whether it be action or counter action our armed forces are doing what is necessary for the security of the nation on land in air and on water.

The country today has such capability that no one can even dare look towards an inch of our land the fight erupted in a region of the Himalayas where an exact border has never been defined both sides have accused each other of intruding into their territory provoking the incident.

China has acknowledged that its forces suffered casualties but has not released any figures the two sides are currently engaged in dialogue to resolve the issues on the ground through diplomatic and military channels. Anger has now spread across India sparking protests calling for a boycott of Chinese goods.

They said “we are calling for the Chinese president to be hanged the Chinese army brutally killed our troops. Our movement will continue to protest and demand that consumers shun all Chinese products sold in our country.

Experts say while the two nuclear-armed neighbors are unlikely to head to war he’s in tension in the region is essential. DW correspondent Nimisha said “There definitely is anger and resentment against the Chinese which had been building over the last six weeks given the tensions along this deepak to water the line of actual control and the deaths of Indian soldiers has really brought matters to a head.

Well it is important to point out that the more extreme protests which we have seen are being held by troops perhaps to represent a wider sentiment in India especially to hit China where it hurts which is in terms of economic ties of trade association for example has called for a ban on Chinese goods and perhaps most concerning there are reports surfacing of India’s telecom ministry and real amnesty perhaps rolling back on China over 80 billion dollars and this is something which can hurt India more than China.

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