How to BARGE your way onto the London property market: FEMAIL reveals the best river homes

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Sail into the London property market! Houseboats with wood-burning fires, luxury roof decks and sleek show-home interiors are attracting buyers in search of peace, novelty and more square footage (but they can set you back up to £3MILLION)

Only these plush pads aren’t found in modern apartment buildings or converted Victorian homes, they are concealed within the houseboats that dot the city’s waterways. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Nicholas Austin, Sales Manager for RiverHomes’ Southwest office, explained houseboats at the top end of the market offer better equipped living areas than most London homes, as well as a sense of peace and tranquility that is difficult to find elsewhere in the city. 

There is also the novelty factor: a dinner party on a houseboat certainly makes you stand out from the crowd. 

If you've got a spare £3million and want to swap views of other houses for a look of the river, then this 1930s steel barge (pictured) which has been converted into a magnificent contemporary houseboat is just right for you

However houseboats aren’t the shortcut into the London housing market that they might first appear. 

While some of the smaller houseboats are far cheaper than a city centre flat – a one-bedroom narrowboat in trendy Little Venice for £150,000, for example – others have price tags in the millions, although they are still cheaper than comparable London homes.  

The near 50 ft. foredeck provides enormous scope for al fresco entertaining but it is the internal volume of this vessel (pictured) - in excess of 5,000 sq. ft. - that has allowed for an extensive and impressive open-plan upper deck

Mr Austin said: ‘In the bustling metropolitan metropolis that is London, the last vestibule of calm is the River Thames. The first comment my clients make is how quiet and peaceful it is in the marinas with London rushing all around them. 

‘The river provides a quiet and quaint oasis within this bustling city. With the river being the main artery of London’s success for over two thousand years, living on the river makes you part of that rich history and tradition.

‘At the top end of the market houseboats provide a larger square footage with better equipped living quarters than most London homes. At the lower end of the market they provide a secure, affordable safe space for someone looking to plant their roots in this vibrant city.’

On the lower deck there is a further reception area (pictured) and access to a Jet-ski platform and five large double bedrooms, each with direct or shared en suite facilities

£3million steel barge, St Katherine’s Dock 

Bedrooms: 5

There is a newly built office space at the rear of the houseboat with Tower Bridge views which is separated from the main living accommodation (pictured)

Receptions: 3

Bathrooms: 3

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