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How an online gamer solved a missing child case from his bedroom in England

by kemmy

Pepperoni pizza but instead of their pizza you got the police officers at the door visiting SoCal from all the way across the pond Harry Brown and his Papa John’s Pizza plot sound like they came straight from a Hollywood movie up in a week and a half and I still haven’t wrap my head around that it all began when four year old Yvette Henley went missing in Hesperia back in June. At the time she was staying with her estranged father Virgil Henley a judge would decide event was in danger and granted guardianship to her grandparents Gary and Kim Forrester but Virgil an event went missing following that hearing and after three weeks police still hadn’t found them.

Harry Brown

I got a message from this couple of this grandfather I missed me and ran him out of the blue saying that his granddaughter is missing in a wild coincidence the grandparents contacted Brown a total stranger to them telling him they noticed he was friends on Facebook with a Mark Johnson which was an online alias Virgil had been using and they asked Brown for his help. Soon as I got this message I thought wow I need to stop trying to mess him again because he thought we were like good friends at that point because we’ve had a few conversations before Brown says he immediately reached out to Virgil to find out where he was I went through tons of things I tried to send any money through like Western Union see if I can get his location that way tried getting into screen shot his weather out because that would show where his location was none of that work.

Harry Brown (left)

so Brown decided to switch it up he asked Virgil if he wanted a pizza Virgil initially complained about kidney stones but he eventually agreed to the pizza he gave Brown the address of a motel in kingman arizona where he was staying with his girlfriend and Yvette and added that he prefers Papa John’s with pepperoni of course. I almost dropped my phone cuz I started shaking instantly I was like I can’t believe I actually I actually did it when Virgil got a knock in the motel door it was the police not the pizza man an event was safely recovered almost two months after her disappearance from 5,000 miles away Brown had solved the case and of its grandparents thanked him in a big way they had to two grand in reward money and they sent that over straightaway and they paid for my flight out here back everything it’s his first time in the United States and despite all there is to see in Hollywood nothing can top meeting the little girl he helped rescue from the other side of the world. it was crazy isn’t it made it all feel real you know it all kind of felt it’s like a dream but now it’s real life now the little girl’s family tells me that her father was never arrested nor charged in this case. He’s not even listed as a suspect but they believe according to what CPS is telling them that he is still living somewhere in Kingman Arizona at this point in time they also told me that the father Virgil does have yet another custody hearing for event coming up in this upcoming November but the family tells me they are gonna work to make sure he does not get custody of her we’re live in Hollywood tonight Vilma luging Fox 11 News

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