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Groom becomes best man, saves little kid from drowning

by kemmy

Ontario couple got a wedding day they will never forget after exchanging vows and promising to love and cherish. The two posts for photographs it was then the groom really became the best man.

Clayton and Brittany cooks smile as they look at their wedding pictures remembering not just the wedding but what happened moments after the photos were taken.

I look over and I see clay in the water and I think like what is he doing she didn’t know at the time Clayton was saving a life was just like hey DOMA the newlyweds had finished saying their I Do’s after the ceremony their photographer looking for a better backdrop brought them over to a river at a local park.

It was a hot day and children were playing everywhere the couple was taking photos on this bridge when they noticed a child in distress in the water. The groom came running over to these rocks where he pulled the young boy out of the water alive his face was underwater and he was fleas fighting like he was really fighting lucky was only a little guy and I could just get him by the I grabbed him sort of like right here and I just kind of honestly just sort of hooked him up.

Their photographer Darren Hatt captured the whole ordeal it was a commendable thing that he did and he sprung into action incredibly quick almost as soon as I realized what was going on he he had already saved the day that’s clay like that’s clay to me like it doesn’t even surprise me that that happened just it’s something he would just instinctively do.

The boy didn’t say a word after Clayton pulled him out of the water but two children nearby told the couple they pushed the boy in while they were playing. They asked them where are your parents eventually the couple says an older sibling took the boy away.

They’re grateful today they’re not telling a different story how different would our like everyone’s day would have been if we weren’t in the right place at the right time considering that a good sign as they begin their life together.

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