Families of troops killed in Iraq tell of outrage at 'Sir Tony' Blair

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‘He’s an untried war criminal’: Labour MP defies Starmer and attacks Blair knighthood as more families of troops killed in Iraq say they will hand back their sons’ medals and petition to block honour races past 750,000 signatures

A group of military parents have started discussing a protest in London to return their Elizabeth Crosses, which are given to the next of kin of those killed in action.

They are enraged that Mr Blair has been knighted having started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that left their children among more than 600 British servicemen dead.

As signatures continued to mount on a Change.org petition calling for the knighthood to be rescinded, a senior serving Labour MP defied Sir Keir Starmer, who has said Sir Tony ‘deserves the honour’.

Killed: Simon Miller, 21, was shot dead by an Iraqi mob

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the MP told the Daily Mail: ‘I just think it’s ridiculous he’s been given a knighthood – he’s an untried war criminal.’

Mark Thompson – whose son Kevin, 21, was killed by an IED near Basra in southern Iraq in 2007 – is among those planning to return their medals.

Anger: John Miller with Elizabeth Cross given to the family after his son’s death

‘If Tony Blair receives a knighthood, I will return my son’s medal,’ he said. ‘I have spoken to more than ten families who are all prepared to hand their medals back. I think there are hundreds out there who will join us. They all feel the same way – they are all fuming. It is all so wrong.’

Mr Thompson, 61, a coach driver from Lancaster, is among those planning a possible protest in the capital.

He said: ‘We are considering meeting up, starting a petition and going to Downing Street and talking to Boris Johnson to tell him how we feel about all this.

Killed: Kevin Thompson died in an IED explosion near Basra in 2007

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