Carrie Bickmore surprising celebration for her 40th birthday before coronavirus

by Kemmy

Carrie Bickmore will be 40 in December. And on Saturday, The Project host revealed she had grand plans to mark the milestone, but she’s now had to rethink because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 39-year-old penned a column for Stellar this week and said that she and her friends, who were also turning the big 4-0, had set out to do a list of fun things.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to go into lockdown for months and put a halt on international travel.

Carrie and her family are also based in Melbourne, Australia, where stage-four lockdown restrictions are in place.

COVID-19 also forced the cancellation of the Glastonbury, which was supposed to be it’s milestone 50th year.

‘Instead, I sat in my lounge room “streaming” the best of Glastonbury on TV and taking part in low-key Zoom parties as each of my beautiful girlfriends marked their milestone birthdays,’ she said.

While the mother-of-three may not be able to go to a music festival or do a big ‘birthday bash,’ she’s urged people to not cancel celebrations amid an already difficult year.

‘I say we don’t cancel all these milestones, we just postpone… even if Schoolies becomes Toolies and 40ths become 41sts. Let’s still plan these fun occasions, because planning is half the fun,’ she said.

It comes after Carrie urged Australians to help each other cope amid the pandemic, in her column for Stellar last month.

She revealed that she ‘lost count’ of the number of people who have admitted to struggling, but feel guilty to complain as others are doing it tougher.

Carrie’s heartfelt messages to Australians was to not discredit their emotions or judge others who they perceive to not be doing it tough.

‘Everyone’s circumstances are different. It’s not a competition and mental health doesn’t discriminate,’ the mother-of-three added.

She concluded by urging Australians to not judge, and help one another forward out of the pandemic.

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