Barnaby Joyce denies claim his daughter had affair with Barilaro

by kemmy

Barnaby Joyce called a claim that his daughter had an affair with John Barilaro a ‘completely and utterly fictitious’ allegation.

The Deputy Prime Minister who said he was asked to comment on the allegation by local media after the news went round online.

Barnaby Joyce did not state which of his four daughters was the main victim of the false allegation but his eldest daughter Bridgette who has worked for Mr Barilaro as an advisor has been a target online.

Mr Joyce told ABC Radio National on Thursday. ‘It’s just total and utter rubbish. My daughter’s got broad shoulders, she knows how to deal with this,’ he said.

Mr Barilaro also resigned as Deputy Premier and NSW Nationals leader two days after ex-Premier Gladys Berejiklian quit under a corruption investigation, and he joked that he was having ‘mid-life crisis’ and wanted a non politics career.

Barilaro, who is a married father of three said the reason why he retired would be clear in weeks and months ahead.

Scott Morrison also backed Barnaby Joyce and said he would be taking action to stop social media companies that allow defamatory comments by trolls who are anonymous and can’t be held accountable. He says he would change the law to brand social media companies as publishers and this will make them legally responsible for comments posted by their users.

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