Ali Oetjen frolicks on Palm Beach in Cairns

by kemmy

On Thursday, Ali Oetjen was seen frolicking on the beach in Palm Beach in Cairns. The 35yr old looked fit and a g-string bikini as she headed into the ocean for a swim.

She’s currently in Cairns with her brother Dave who shes helping move into his new home. She gave that information on her Instagram account.

At one point, she decided to relax on the sand and eat some fruit. Ali is currently in Cairns with her brother Dave to help him move into his new home.

Ali had to spend 14 days in quarantine last year before the filming of the first season of SAS started.

She has always kept a strict fitness exercise routine including ab workout, one hour of yoga a day and five bodyweight sessions. She also walked around her room for an hour with a 20kg bag strapped to her back to help build strength and muscle tone.

She also said she abstained from alcohol during quarantine but still had a chocolate brownie indulgement after fresh healthy food dinner.

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