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20 Indian soldiers have been killed in border clashes with Chinese forces

by kemmy

India says at least 20 of its soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese forces raising the original number of casualties that first reported the hand-to-hand fighting taking place along a disputed border in the Himalayas.

China has accused India of a provocation and it’s not disclosed if any of its troops were killed tensions between the two sides have been building over the last month but this is the first incident with fatalities in more than four decades four weeks.

Trouble has been brewing in one of the remotest border regions in the world. The satellite images show Indian and Chinese troops gathering high in the Himalayas now for the first time in decades, India says 20 soldiers were killed the two sides fought with fists and rocks no shots were fired.

Angry protestors gathered in the city of Ahmedabad demanding revenge and calling for a boycott of Chinese goods. Let’s make India self-reliant and give China a fitting reply. Beijing says it was defending its territorial integrity.

On June 15th Indian troops seriously violated the bilateral consensus and crossed the border line twice engaging in illegal activities and provoking and attacking Chinese personnel resulting in serious physical confrontation between border.

Forces on the two sides this yellow line marks the boundary between these superpowers and the one as the line of actual control it is not a hard frontier since China and India have never agreed on where it should lie.

In 2017 the two side confronted each other for 73 days after Indian troops blocked Chinese construction of a road for years Chinese and Indian leaders have struggled to reach a lasting solution this latest escalation suggests a difficult path ahead for these two nuclear-armed nation.

‘More details have been emerging from both the military as well as political establishments in both countries the Indian military as we heard has confirmed that there happened 20 deaths on the Chinese side the Defense Ministry has confirmed that there have been casualties but not confirmed the number of casualties this morning

‘Finally we heard from the political establishment in India as well something that the media had repeatedly been pointing out here that there had been a lack of so far the Defense Minister put out a tweet offering condolences to the families of the soldiers who lost their lives on the border with China.

When india said that 20 soldiers had been killed they said both sites are disengaging right now the Prime Minister of India has also called an all-party meet later this evening no now these casualties came in hand-to-hand combat this is the most serious confrontation we’ve been reporting on for decades and what’s Delhi’s saying about who started the violence and how it started.

Contrary versions coming out from both sides and the roots of this is truly that controversial in the contradicted nature of the line of actual control in the Ladakh region between these two countries now this is a de facto border and there have been disagreements in the past as well about what exactly lies in the terrain of both these countries and the context of this conflict is that there have been high tensions along this line over the last six weeks.

Over the last two weeks the military has a cost the military of both sides have said that we want to settle this through dialogue rather than conflict India says that China was trying to change the status code.

This was a statement that was put out by the military this morning and this is why India retaliated. China on the other hand said that Indian soldiers went into Chinese territory India reiterates that Indian soldiers never go into Chinese territory so clearly a difference of opinion on what actually is the territory that belongs to India and China.

India alleges and believes that this may be an effort by China to carry out land grabs. What’s been the public response in India to the loss of military lives is that almost gistic response we see amongst the public when it comes to conflict with Pakistan is largely missing when it comes to conflict with China over the last six weeks.

There has been a call to hurt China where it to hit China where it really hurts which is the economic front so Indians were uninstalling ticked off this became a popular called uninstall Chinese apps and this is the focus of a lot of celebrity stalkers worth asking India to cut off trade ties with China.

However the loss of life has definitely ramped up more serious military sentiment as well that has been a call for retribution. Small protests have broken out from fringe groups in different parts of the country but of course there is an effort also it seems on the top level to deescalate the situation.

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