Step 3: Start Assembling Blooms

Each cherry bloom is composed of 5 petals. Attach the bottom end of a petal to a center with floral tape, wrapping and winding the tape down and around the center, about 1” (2.5 cm) beyond the base. Place the next petal alongside the first, overlapping their edges by u” (6 mm) in a radiating fashion and encircling the center. Wrap the base with floral tape. (Note that this layer of tape and all tape for petals overlaps the layer underneath.)






Step 4: Finish Assembling Blooms

Repeat with 3 additional petals until the overhead view of the flower resembles a spiral. Fluff and open the bloom, adjusting the petals as needed.

Repeat with the remaining petals and centers to make a total of 5 blooms, varying the amount of fluffing so that some blooms are more open than others for a more natural look.






Step 5: Trim Flowers

Trim the bottom of each bloom and bud with scissors, leaving a u” (6 mm) base.










Step 6: Prepare Branches and Glue Blooms

Prepare the branch by removing any natural leaves, buds, or flowers. Trim any broken pieces and cut the branch to the desired length. Plan the placement of the blooms and buds – for example, in the crook of a stem or in an uneven row down the branch. Livia Cetti recommends creating small groups or clusters of blooms and buds.

Place a small amount of hot glue on the base of a bloom. Working quickly, hold the bloom to the branch while glue dries.



Step 7: Finish Attaching Blooms and Buds

Repeat with remaining blooms. Add the buds in same way.









Step 9: Enjoy!

Enjoy your beautiful, handcrafted cherry blossom arrangement!











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